Knows Electrical Panels For Generator Sets And Installation Services

Knows electrical panels for generator sets and installation services. Electric panels are devices that function to regulate, control, divide, distribute and distribute electrical energy.

Panel Synchronizing

The Synchronous Panel is an electrical panel that aims to control several generators so that they can work simultaneously / parallel and bear the burden in a balanced manner. Genset – the generator can be operated manually or automatically, and can have a different volt ampere capacity. Synchronous panels can be distinguished based on their functions namely:

Back up PLN electricity

This synchronous panel will only work if the main source of PLN electricity goes out. Whereas when the electricity is working, the generator only functions as a backup.

Emergency back-up

This synchronous panel does not only function as a substitute if the main power of PLN electricity goes out or has a problem, but it will also work if the existing load has exceeded the capacity of the installed PLN. For example installed PLN capacity of 2000 kVA, but the electricity load has reached 3000 kVA, the generator will bear the excess load. This condition can only be used if the generator capacity is equal to or greater than the capacity of PLN electricity installed.

As the main electricity source

This synchronous panel can be used as the main electricity source and works continuously. Can also be used if the electricity usage load varies considerably. For example, the electricity usage load varies from 400 kVA to 1,000 kVA, so it would be more efficient to use 2 generators with a capacity of 500 kVA, compared to using 1 generator with a capacity of 1,000 kVA. If the load is still below 500 kVA, only 1 generator will light up. If the load is at 800 kVA, the load will be divided equally by 400 kVA with the two gensets on.


AMF-ATS generator panel

The AMF-ATS generator panel can make it easier for users because it has two effective and efficient functions. The function of Automatic Main Failure (AMF) is to be able to turn on the generator automatically when the main electricity is cut off.

The function of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to move the extraction of electricity sources, by opening electricity from the generator and closing the electricity from the PLN automatically. Or vice versa close the electricity from the generator and open electricity from the PLN.

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