Knows Distribution Panel and Installation Services

Knows Distribution Panel and Installation Services. The distribution panel is an electric panel that has a function to drain electrical energy to each electricity user. A device that functions to divide, distribute and distribute electrical energy to users. Things related to the low voltage distribution panel, some will be delivered on this blog.

LVMDP ( Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel)

Low voltage distribution panel is distribution panel of electrical energy before being distributing to users. This electric panel is usually installed at the source output or electric power.  Whether from the PLN Transformer or Generator Set (generator).

Things that need to be considered in the making are :

  • Safe for humans, buildings and the environment.
  • Fulfill its function as a center for distribution of electrical energy.
  • Has an electrical installation safety system, both as switching, short circuit safety, overload safety, and safety voltage fluctuations.

Components contained in this panel :

– Panel box

– ACB (Air Circuit breaker )- main safety

– MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) branch safety

– Ampere meter

– Volt meter

– Indicator light

MVMDP (Medium Voltage Main Distribution Panel) 

The medium voltage distribution panel is a distribution panel of electrical energy of 20,000 volts from the PLN substation to LVMDP (low voltage distribution panel). Components contained in this panel :

– VCB (vacum circuit breaker)

– LBS (load break switch)

– Relay protector

– Ampere meter

– Volt meter

– Indicator light


CPGS (Control Panel Generator Set) 

Genset Panel is a panel to control the condition of the generator at work. The parameters that are usually controlled by the operator are :

– Electrical voltage

– Electric current

– Electricity frequency

– Cos Q (power factor)

– Electrical power

– Water Temperature

– Oil press


To facilitate you in installing electrical panels, we also provide manufacturing and installation services. Good in industrial environments, warehouses, buildings, projects, even housing.


At PATECH Engineering You will get many benefits including it :

  1. Technical Consultation. You will get input tailored to your needs by our expert technicians who have more than 1,000 hours of experience in electric panel applications.
  2. Guarantee of Results. You will still be safe and comfortable because we are not just working on it, but also ensuring results are the way you expect.
  3. Economical. With our partners consisting of various sources, we can tailor your needs to the best budget you have.

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