Know Dust Explosion and How Avoid It

Know Dust Explosion and How Avoid It. Dust Explosion is an explosion caused by rapid combustion of fine dust suspended in the air and mixed with other oxidizing substances in the air. Occurrence in a closed location. This combustible powder material is dispersed / mixed in a high enough concentration in the air. Or other oxidizing gas media, such as oxygen.

Materials that can cause dust explosions are organic materials in the form of fine powder such as flour, sugar, milk powder, chocolate, coffee, pollen, plastic, starch and pharmaceutical ingredients. Metal powders such as Aluminum and Magnesium can also cause dust explosions.

Dust explosions can cause damage to infrastructure, equipment, and operators due to explosions or the effects of shock waves. Material that flies and debris can cause further damage. Heat radiation or burns can occur in operators who do not use protective equipment. In tightly closed space, a sudden decrease in oxygen can cause shortness of breath.

Here’s how to avoid a dust explosion :

  1. Avoid accumulating dust in the work area.
  2. Remove sources of fire such as static electricity by installing grounding.
  3. Take care of electrical cables and equipment that uses electricity.
  4. If you work with materials that have the potential to experience a dust explosion. Make sure that you understand the dangers of dust explosions, understand how to handle them safely, and the equipment needed to work safely with these materials.

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