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Knows Electric Panel and Installation Services

Knows electric panel and installation services. Electric Panel is a tool that has a function to regulate and control the electrical load of companies and industries that use electric motors as their driving force. The electric panel contains electrical components that are designed in such a way on a control board, in order to facilitate their use.

Electric panels have various sizes, materials, equipment components in them, models and specifications depending on needs. Has a square shape and is closed and is equipped with a door on the front that can be locked. To protect the electrical components in it and prevent the entry of foreign objects from outside.

There are two types of electrical panels, namely the power panel and distribution panel. The power panel is a panel to distribute and distribute electrical energy from the step down substation to the distribution panels. Here electricity does not directly reach electricity users.

While the distribution panel is useful for flowing electrical energy to each electricity user. This distribution panel regulates everything about electrical energy used by users or consumers of electricity. The power panel and distribution panel are panels that aim to facilitate the distribution of electrical energy evenly. Is a safety equipment, inspection and maintenance of electrical panels.

Programmable Logic Control Panel (PLC)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a series of electronic electrical panels that can work on more complex control functions. This PLC panel can be programmed, controlled and operated by the operator. Regulates all systems that have output whether to be ON or OFF, or with varying output.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has the following functions :

  1. Sequential Control.

Processing binary signal input into output used for sequential processing of techniques. The Programmable Logic Controller keeps all sequential processes in the right order.

  1. Monitoring Plant.

Monitor a system (for example room temperature, air pressure, altitude). Then take the actions that have been set in relation to the process being controlled (for example, the monitoring value has exceeded the prescribed threshold). Or you can also forward the monitoring results to the operator.

  1. Can provide input to Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) for the sake of further processing.

LVMDP ( Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel)

Low voltage distribution panel is a distribution panel of electrical energy before being distributed to users. This electric panel is usually installed at the source output or electric power, whether from the PLN Transformer or Generator Set (generator). Is the main divider panel / distribution playing.

Specifications of Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel Panel:

  1. Inlet voltage         : 415 Volt
  2. Outgoing voltage : 415 Volt
  3. Power                    : 450 KVA
  4. Phase                     : 3 Phase
  5. Frequency            : 50 Hertz
  6. System                   : ATS ( Automatic Transfer Switch)

The amount of LVMDP output can be quite a lot according to its function and building needs, namely:

  1. Capacitor Bank Panel.
  2. Hydrant Pump Panel.
  3. Clean water pump panel.
  4. Power House Panel (PH).
  5. MDP and Panel
  6. STP Control Panel.

Components contained in this panel :

  1. Panel box
  2. ACB (Air Circuit breaker) – main safety
  3. MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) branch safety
  4. Ampere meter
  5. Volt meter
  6. Indicator lights

MVMDP (Medium Voltage Main Distribution Panel) 

Medium voltage distribution panel is a distribution panel of electrical energy of 20,000 volts from the PLN substation to LVMDP (low voltage distribution panel). Components contained in this panel :

  1. VCB (vacuum circuit breaker)
  2. LBS (load break switch)
  3. Relay protector
  4. Ampere meter
  5. Volt meter
  6. Indicator lights

MVMDP is also called cubicle 20 KV or 20 kV Switchgear, and consists of 3 parts, namely: Incoming Switch Gear, Matering Panel, Load Break Switch.

A) Incoming Switch Gear

Inside the Incoming Switch Gear is there :

  1. GCB (Gas Circuit Breker). The main brackets that function as a liaison and power supply breakers that enter from PLN.
  2. ACB (Air Citcuit Breker). The main switch that functions as a breaker and connecting the incoming power supply from PLN. Has insulation to dampen sparks.
  3. Incoming Available Light. An indication light that will light if there is electricity.
  4. DC Control Source Light. DC power supply indicator light for MDP control.
  5. CB On Light. The position indicator lights up.
  6. CB Off Light. The indicator light is off.
  7. CB trip Light. Position indicator lights have interference.
  8. CB Spring Changed Light. The Pump indicator light is working.
  9. Emergency Stop Button. Power disconnect emergency switch.
  10. Alarm Reset Button. The switch resets the alarm.
B) Matering Panel

In the metering panel there are :

  1. Ampere meter. Current meter.
  2. Power Factor Meter. PLN power factor gauge.
  3. KWh Meter. Power meter.
  4. Frequent Meters. Measuring voltage frequency of PLN.
  5. Watt Meter. PLN power meter.
  6. Alarm Stop Button. Alarm shutdown button.
  7. Reset Button. The button returns to normal position.
  8. Buzzer. An electric wave converter becomes a sound vibration for an alarm.
  9. Earth Fault relay. An automatic switch that will trip if there is a leaky current to the ground.
  10. Over Current Relay. The circuit breaker switch will trip if there is excess current.
  11. Current test Terminal. Terminal to test whether there is an electric current in the Matering Panel.
  12. Volt Test Meter. Terminal to test the presence or absence of voltage at the Matering Panel.
C) Load Breker Switch Panel.

As a safety barrier the current is up to 400A and has 3 sign lights :

  1. LBS On Light. On position indicator light.
  2. LBS Off Light. The indicator light is off.
  3. LBS Trip Light. Trip position indicator light.

CPGS (Control Panel Generator Set) 

Genset Panel is a panel to control the condition of the generator at work. The parameters that are usually controlled by the operator are :

  1. Electric voltage
  2. Electric current
  3. Electric frequency
  4. Cos Q (power factor)
  5. Electric power
  6. Water Temperature
  7. Oil press

Power Panel

The power panel can also be the right method in managing renewable energy systems from solar cells and windmills. The power panel combines power inverter components, power cuts, overcurrent protection devices, earthing and power control components.

Some power panel configurations can be adjusted. They can be configured for both grid tie in and grid independent systems. Most companies use modular designs to make several simple power panels.

Commonly used components are :

  1. Main security and branch safety (MCCB, MCB, NFB)
  2. Indicator lights for R, S, T
  3. Push button NC / NO
  4. Cam switches, contactors, TOR, Relays, Buzzers

Panel Synchronizing

The Synchronous Panel is an electrical panel that aims to control several generators so that they can work simultaneously / parallel and bear the burden in a balanced manner. Generator – the generator can be operated manually or automatically, and can have a different volt ampere capacity.

AMF-ATS generator panel

Jual Jasa Buat Panel Listrik

The AMF-ATS generator panel can make it easier for users because it has two effective and efficient functions. The function of Automatic Main Failure (AMF) is to be able to turn on the generator automatically when the main electricity is cut off.

The function of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to move the extraction of electricity sources, by opening electricity from the generator and closing electricity from the PLN automatically. Or conversely close the electricity from the generator and open electricity from the PLN.

Capacitor Bank Panel

Bank capacitor panels are used to correct the power factor of an electricity distribution network. Installation can be in the form of parallel relations or series relations. The components are in the form of cables and connection terminals.


Change Over Switch Panel (COS)

Jasa Buat Panel Listrik

Change Over Switch (COS) or Ohm Switch is electrical equipment used to move electrical power from the main electricity source (PLN) with a backup power source (Genset) or vice versa. This electrical panel equipment has 2 types, namely manual change over switch and motorized change over switch.

  1. Change Over Switch Manual.

The manual change over switch functions to move electrical power manually, which is turning the handle of the ohm switch towards the PLN or Genset. Change over Switch with boxes for home users, there are 16 Ampere, 25 Ampere, 32 Ampere, 40 Ampere, 63 Ampere and 100 Ampere options available. While the manual Change over switch without box, is usually assembled on the Change Over Switch Panel, from 160 Ampere to 1250 Ampere.

  1. Change Over Motorized Switches.

Automatic transfer of electrical power between PLN and Genset, can use Change Over Switch Motorized. Equipped with a motor that can move electrical power automatically without the need to rotate the handle of the ohm switch. Motorized Changeover Switches are generally assembled on the ATS-AMF panel (Automatic Transfer Switch – Automatic Main Failure).

Water Level Control Panel

The Water Level Control pump panel is used to control the water level in a storage tank. This electrical equipment serves to deliver water from the bottom tank / well to the upper tank. Can also be used to empty water in the drainage system.

Sub Distribution Panel (SDP)

Panel Sub Distribution (SDP) is a panel that functions to distribute electrical power from the LVMDP Panel, using an Air Circuit Breaker or Molded Case Circuit Breakers.

The advantage of using the LVMDP and SDP Panels is :

  1. Save electricity distribution process.
  2. Safer against the danger of electricity.
  3. There is a power conversion and distribution facility from the main electricity source of PLN and reserves.
  4. The LVMDP panel keeps the main PLN and reserve resources continuously, so that it is safe and stable.
  5. Divide the power supply source into several equipment, with fuses or load breakers for each set.
  6. This panel is designed to receive incoming 3 phases and distribute various combinations of outgoing 3 phases and 1phase.

Inverter panel or Variable Speed Drive

The INVERTER panel converts direct voltage (DC) to an alternating voltage (AC). The principle of the inverter is to change the motor input (AC electricity) to DC electricity and then make AC electricity again with the desired frequency, so that the motor can be controlled according to the desired speed.

Control Star Delta Panel

Wiring Control Star Delta is a series of motor installations with triangular star connections (Y∆), otherwise known as STARDELTA connections. Serves to reduce or reduce the amount of starting current at the start of the motor. The greater the voltage, the smaller the current will be, so on the contrary the smaller the voltage the greater the current.

Harmonic Filter Panel

IGBT-based Harmonic Filter Panel is designed to improve unbalanced electric current at 50 Hz. Will reach a neutral current which can occur in a four-wire, three-phase electrical installation.

Things to note

Jual jasa buat panel listrik

In general, electrical panels are used in office buildings, hotels, apartments, hospitals or factories that require considerable electrical energy. The use of power panels and distribution panels is a must, because it will make :

  1. Distribution of electrical energy occurs evenly and adequately.
  2. Securing electrical installations and components.
  3. Facilitate inspection, repair or maintenance of electrical installations.

Things to note regarding the installation of electrical panels:

  1. Safe for humans, buildings and the environment.
  2. Fulfilling its function as an electricity distribution device.
  3. The security system for electrical installations as an on / off switch.
  4. Installed in an easily accessible place.
  5. In front of the panel, the room must be free and not damp.

In addition, it follows the requirements in accordance with the General Electrical Installation Requirements (PUIL), namely:

  1. All conductors / cables must be arranged neatly.
  2. All components must be neatly installed.
  3. All tensioned parts must be protected.
  4. All components are firmly installed.
  5. If a disturbance occurs it will not expand.
  6. Easy to expand / develop if needed.
  7. Has high reliability.

Electricity Maintenance Panel

To avoid damage to the electrical panel, maintenance is required which aims as follows:

  1. To extend the life of panel equipment and electrical installations.
  2. Increase reliability, availability and efficiency.
  3. Reducing the risk of system damage or failure.
  4. Improve security on electrical panel equipment.

The Types of Electrical Panel Maintenance are as follows:

  1. Predictive maintenance.

This maintenance is done by predicting or estimating the possible conditions of an equipment and electrical components. Think of the possibility that the equipment or electrical panel will fail or be damaged which will disrupt the electrical system.

  1. Preventive maintenance.

This maintenance action is carried out by preventing sudden power failure. And to maintain optimal equipment performance in accordance with the technical age or lifetime. Such maintenance is categorized as time base maintenance

  1. Corrective maintenance.

This maintenance is carried out according to a predetermined schedule. Usually when checking is done on the panel and electrical installation, the electrical components that have been damaged need to be replaced.

  1. Maintenance breakdown.

This maintenance action is sudden / urgent because of the failure of the electricity system. So immediate action must be taken because damage occurs suddenly and emergency.

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Jual Jasa Buat Panel Listrik

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